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Golf is a sport that involves players hitting a small ball into holes with a range of clubs. The aim of the game is to get the ball into the holes in the least amount of strokes while avoiding obstacles. While it is unclear how the game was created, the modern version originated in Scotland during the 15th Century. See the attached infographic for more facts about golf.

Golf is a sport that is played by keen golfers like Ali Seytanpir. While golf is a professional sport, less experienced players can also play.

In this article, five golfing tips for beginners will be shared.

  1. Know the Basic Rules and Etiquette

Golf has 34 rules and its rulebook is 182 pages long, but it’s not necessary for beginners to know them all unless they want to play at a professional level. However, general knowledge is still required.

Knowledge of basic golf etiquette is also necessary for players. Golf has centuries of traditions and history and some still apply today, such as shouting ‘fore!’ to warn people about a rogue ball. See the attached PDF to learn more about golf etiquette.

  1. Choose the Right Equipment and Outfit

New players are advised to buy seven clubs to start with: a driver, a putter, a 6-iron, a sand wedge, a pitching wedge, an 8-iron and a fairway wood or hybrid. Also needed are cheap golf balls, marker pens and a towel.

It’s also important to wear the right outfit. The basic golf outfit includes a collared polo (or something similar for women), khakis and trainers (golf shoes only for serious players). Also to protect players from the elements they should have a cap, UV protection sunglasses, sunblock and a raincoat.

  1. Consider Booking Lessons

New golfers who teach themselves how to play golf can end up developing bad habits, even when using teaching materials like books and videos. This is why golf lessons are recommended. A golf instructor can help a newbie to correct their technique and guide them through any problems, which is something books and videos can’t do. It might seem ideal to get lessons from a friend, but it is better to find a PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) professional because they are best trained to teach new golfers.

  1. Practice at the Driving Range

A driving range allows less experienced golfers to practice their swing and here they can freely hit the balls without the stress of trying to find them later. These places also allow golfers to freely use a wide selection of golf clubs, making it ideal for anyone wanting to improve their technique before playing on a golf course. Also, the driving range is a perfect spot to get free advice from professionals who will share some of their knowledge in the hopes of finding people to sign up for lessons.

  1. Take the Right Shot

There are many different types of shots in golf that are used for various reasons and require different techniques, so a new golfer needs to be aware of them in order to play properly. A putt and a drive are shots people are more familiar with, but it’s also ideal to know when to pitch, when to chip and how to get out of a bunker. Furthermore, to correctly take a shot a player needs to have mental and physical strength. Watch the video to find out why fitness is important in golf.

There are many more tips that can help beginners learn how to play golf, but these five tips are a good starting point. Overall, golf is a great sport that can be enjoyed by all who are willing to learn how.