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As would be expected of any professional with a keen interest in property investment and development, Ali Seytanpir actively follows The Investment Association, one of the key bodies in the industry.

The Investment Association represents investment managers in the UK, with its 200 members managing almost £7 trillion on behalf of their UK and overseas clients. Investment management in the UK is the biggest industry of its type across Europe and the world’s second largest. It represents a significant proportion of Britain’s exports, with more than 6% of net exports during the last decade, and is an employer of approximately 35,000 people.

Member Support

The Investment Association supports its members, which are subject to regulation and legislation throughout Europe, the UK and overseas. As a trade body within the property investment industry, the IA distributes circulars on a daily basis regarding regulatory and legal developments within the industry, as well as creating relevant guidance to enable investment managers in the UK to develop a more effective business structure.

The IA’s remit also involves active engagement with stakeholders and policymakers – not only in the UK itself but also elsewhere in the world – in order to ensure the industry stays highly competitive in the global marketplace.

Shaping the Investment Landscape

The Investment Association works to shape the UK’s investment landscape in order to ensure its members can deliver optimal outcomes for clients. This includes pioneering initiatives to guarantee the implementation of best practice across the industry, and engagement in public debates surrounding the property investment industry and its burgeoning importance in the Age of Asset Management. It also responds to consultations on a wide range of issues on its members’ behalf.

The Structure of the Investment Association

There are three primary divisions of the IA :

  • Capital Markets & Sustainable Investments – this division assists the industry in supporting the economy with long term and stable finance to ensure that investors can access effective and fair markets while embedding high sustainable governance standards.
  • Services & Products – this division is in place to promote investment value for the good of the public, helping companies to meet the highest possible standards of delivery and service while shaping policy and regulatory agenda across the EU, UK and internationally. This allows companies to provide services and products to meet the needs of their clients on a more cost-effective basis.
  • Business Promotion & Support – this division is designed to promote the interests of the asset management industry, and to help companies effectively navigate through the tax and regulatory landscape while ensuring the UK becomes a chosen country for the location of asset management companies.