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The Investment Association represents investment managers in the UK, managing investments in excess of £6.9 trillion across the globe. There are 200 full members of the Investment Association who work collectively to manage these investments. Ali Seytanpir is an active member and content follower of the Investment Association, for which he reblogs content regularly. You can discover more about membership of the Investment Association by watching the short video attachment to this post. Here you can discover more about the history of the Investment Association, as well as how the organisation supports its members and helps shape the investment landscape.

History of the Investment Association

The history of the Investment Association in its current form is fairly recent, having been established in 2014. However, the history dates back much further than that, as today’s Investment Association is the result of a series of mergers between companies that has its roots in 1959. In this year, a group was formed to represent the interests of mutual funds and unit trusts, called the Association of Unit Trust Managers. Years later, in 1976, this body was renamed UTA (Unit Trust Association). It was rebranded once more in 1993, becoming AUTIF (Association of Unit Trusts and Investment Funds). In 2002, AUTIF and FMA (Fund Managers’ Association) merged, bringing together the retail and institutional sides of the industry. The merged companies jointly became known as the Investment Management Association. In 2014, the Association of British Insurers merged their Investment Affairs Division with the IMA to become the Investment Association.

Promoting and Supporting Members

The Investment Association promotes and supports its members in numerous ways. UK investment management, which is the second largest industry of its kind in the world and Europe’s largest, is promoted by the Investment Association. There are approximately 35,000 people employed in the sector, which exports more than 6% of Britain’s total net exports based on figures from the past decade. All member firms of the Investment Association are governed by international, European and UK regulations and laws. The Investment Association keeps members up to date on changes to regulations by providing daily circulars, offering guidance on the effective building of business structures to investment managers in the UK. The Investment Association also engages with other stakeholders and with policymakers, with a focus on keeping the investment industry in the UK strong and competitive. An overview of costs and charges initiatives can be found via the attached infographic.

Shaping the Investment Landscape

The Investment Association helps to deliver the best possible client outcomes by shaping the investment landscape. This is achieved through a variety of approaches, including ensuring industry best practice through spearheading initiatives. The Investment Association engages in public industry debate on behalf of members and responds to consultations on a wide variety of matters including investment fund structure and the tax environment. In the PDF attachment you can read more about the different fund sectors the Investment Association works with.


There are three core divisions that the Investment Association is structured into: sustainable investments and capital markets; products and services; and business support and promotion. Within each division, the Investment Association works to help members thrive, deliver financial goals to clients, and make investing work for everybody. The Investment Association ensures access for investors to markets that are effective and fair, helps firms to meet high standards of delivery and service, and promotes the interests of the asset management industry. The Investment Association also supports various independent initiatives in numerous ways, ranging from the provision of office space to comprehensive staffing and funding projects.