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The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is the central voice of the 52 Chambers of Commerce within the United Kingdom. The BCC serves tens of thousands of members, which in total employ more than five million people. Members vary from start-ups to regional and local subsidiaries of large corporations in many business and industrial sectors.

The Chambers of Commerce sits at the core of a vast business network that has links to markets across the globe. The BCC is the voice of the business community it represents, making sure that its concerns and priorities are heard. The network represented by the BCC is there to ensure that businesses support each other, collaborate in new opportunities, share best practices, and foster strong bonds. As the premier body that represents various Chambers in the United Kingdom, the BCC is a dynamic champion of modern business across the United Kingdom.


From companies to individuals, there’s an opportunity for those involved in business to become members of accredited Chambers of Commerce. Ali Seytanpir is an active member and participates in all commerce activities.

The BCC negotiates exclusive services with various organisations on behalf of members, ensuring that those who sign up can access services such as:

  • Chamber Energy Solutions. Through the Chamber Energy Alliance, businesses can access a range of products and services designed towards lowering their energy costs. These energy deals are available to businesses that require large volumes of energy.
  • Chamber Credit Insurance. This is a new service that protects businesses trading in the United Kingdom and internationally from risks such as insolvency and late payment. The credit insurance offering has been developed to cater for members of all sizes and is geared towards helping businesses manage their trade risk and gain access to information that helps their businesses grow in existing and new markets.
  • Chamber Foreign Exchange. The Chamber Foreign Exchange offering is designed to help businesses save money and manage risks when transacting using foreign currency. The product is offered in partnership with Moneycorp to extend services such as reduced transfer fees, competitive exchange rates, free online currency accounts and quick online transactions.
  • DHL Express Chamber exclusive. This is an exclusive offer for Chamber members only and is designed to support businesses that send goods to international markets. New DHL customers get a 50 percent discount in the first year on all DHL Express international shipments.
  • Chamber Healthcare. There are two healthcare schemes available to Chamber members – Chamber Business Healthcare and Chamber Primary Health Plan – that are geared towards reducing absence due to sickness.

Annual Conference

Every year, the BCC holds an Annual Conference that provides an opportunity for businesses to interact with thought leaders and senior politicians, discussing issues affecting society and the business environment. Speakers at the one-day event typically include company executives and high-profile cabinet ministers. Past speakers, for example, have included the Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Opposition, and the Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Other than the annual conference, the BCC also conducts a Business and Education Summit on a yearly basis to promote the value of education. The forum is a continuation of the BCC’s ‘Bridging the Gap’ campaign that seeks to encourage businesses to look out for talent and promote the career prospects of young people. The campaign is an effort to ensure businesses and education providers work together to help young people gain exposure to the world of business.