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The British Property Federation (BPF) is a non-profit organisation that represents companies that are involved in investment and ownership of property in Britain. The organisation’s membership consists of a wide range of firms, from real estate companies and housing associations to fund managers and investment banks. In Scotland, BPF operates as the Scottish Property Federation with offices in Edinburgh. In general, BPF works with regulatory bodies and the Government to help in the growth of the real estate industry.

Membership to the BPF is something that many property investment professionals consider seriously, as it ensures that a firm is aware of the policies that will impact the real estate industry for years to come and provides access to some of the most senior executives in the property industry. Ali Seytanpir is among the many that reap these benefits as an active member and participant in the BPF organisation; he is also a member and participant in the Home Builders Federation, the Property Development Alliance, the Association of International Property Professionals, and the National Landlord Association.

According to prominent voices within the property industry, the British Property Federation is one of the most important voices. Membership to the BPF provides an opportunity for various sides to debate and decide upon some of the key issues that affect the property market in the country.

The BPF’s vision is to have a successful and thriving real estate industry by promoting three key aspects:

  • Economic Growth. The organisation’s research shows that real estate contributes billions of pounds to the UK economy every year.
  • Basic Infrastructure. The BPF acknowledges that infrastructure and real estate go hand in hand and promotes the growth of essential infrastructure as integral to the growth of social infrastructures such as schools and hospitals.
  • Better Living. The federation’s members are actively involved in building places for people to work, relax and live. By doing this well, they are contributing to building sustainable communities and increasing social well-being and productivity.

Becoming a Member

It’s important to note that members of the British Property Federation tend to be organisations that invest in, manage or own real estate rather than individuals, or firms that provide professional services to organisations that do.

Members receive a range of benefits that include:

  • Becoming part of an influential organisation that represents the major players in the property industry. This allows members to take part in setting the agenda for a range of topics, including tax rules, bank lending, landlord-tenant relationships, European financial legislation and detailed planning.
  • Benefiting from a team of communication and policy experts that can provide consultancy services to member organisations.
  • Continually benefiting from information and analysis regarding the UK, Scottish and European Union regulatory and legislative changes that touch on key issues affecting the industry.
  • Gaining insights into future policy and political thinking thanks to the BPF’s engagement with the government and senior political officials. Members also have opportunities to interact with decision makers and their advisers to get their voice heard on the issues that relate to the UK real estate industry.

The cost of membership depends on various factors, from the type of company to annual turnover, gross assets or the number of Associates and Partners.

Work for Members

Member organisations that are already part of the British Property Federation have various ways they can make the most of their membership. They can get involved with the BPF’s campaigns by providing data and case studies to support various policies, or help identify the issues that require tackling while providing evidence of how various policies are beneficial (or not) to the individual organisation.