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Representing UK investment managers, The Investment Association has 200 members that together manage around £7 trillion for clients both domestic and overseas. Investment management has grown to become the biggest industry of its type in the UK, as well as becoming the second largest industry globally. Investment management now represents an important part of the UK’s exports – over 6% of net exports over the last 10 years – and the industry keeps around 35,000 people in employment.

Professionals within the investment management industry, such as Ali Seytanpir, follow the work of The Investment Association closely, as it is one of the main industry bodies.

Members of The Investment Association 

The Investment Association is a trade body for those in property investment, and as such the association holds its members to the industry regulations and legislation in the UK, Europe and further afield. The association supports its members by publishing a daily newsletter that covers any developments to the regulation and legal aspects of the profession. The Investment Association also creates guidelines that aim to help UK investment managers build an effective and well-structured business.

The Investment Association’s Global Position 

The Investment Association actively engages with policymakers and stakeholders around the world, and works towards maintaining the industry’s highly competitive place in the market.

In the UK, the association shapes the investment landscape so that its members are able to deliver the best results for their clients. Past successes of The Investment Association include its pioneering initiative to guarantee that best practice is implemented throughout the industry, as well as its contributions towards public debate about the property investment industry and its growing importance in the Age of Asset Management.

The Association’s Structure 

The Investment Association has been divided into three major parts: the first looks at capital markets and sustainable investments, the second is responsible for services and products, and the third is responsible for business promotion and support.

Capital Markets & Sustainable Investments 

This part of the Investment Association helps the industry to grow the economy in a sustainable and long-term way. A stable and sustainable market means that investors benefit from fair and effective markets, as well as from a well-governed market that is run to the highest standards.

Services and Products 

This part of the association exists to promote investment value and to enable companies to meet the regulations and high standards that are set by industry regulators. This section of the association also helps shape policy and legal aspects of the industry across the globe, with the aim that companies can offer the best services and products whilst being cost-efficient.

Business Promotion and Support 

The final part of the association is in place to promote the asset management industry in general, and to help individual companies to understand and work within the legal framework of a highly regulated industry. The aim of this division is also to ensure that the UK is an attractive proposition for global asset management companies.